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School Council

The School Council is the group of people who assist in governing the school. The role of School Council is one of setting the long term future for the school and plays an important role in the school’s accountability and improvement processes.

The Aberfeldie School Council consists of individuals from the Department of Education and Training (DET), Parents and Community Representatives. School Council must meet at least 8 times each year and once per term. Aberfeldie’s School Council generally meets once a month.

The Aberfeldie Primary School Council operates through a number of sub-committees. Sub-committees provide advice and make recommendations to the School Council, reporting regularly at school council meetings. Sub-committees are open to all Aberfeldie Community Representatives and therefore provide opportunities to get involved. Sub-committees generally meet every month.


School Council Members for 2021


Bec Sobell

Vice President

Trent Danaher 


David Carullo

Staff Rep - Secretary

Julie Doheney

Parent Representative

Tanuja Wenlock

Parent Representative

Ben Murray

Parent Representative

Angus Tester

Parent Representative

Angela Simons

Staff Rep - Principal

Nathan Gage

Staff Rep 

Erin McNamara

Staff Rep 

Scott Burns 

Staff Rep 

Emma Stent

Staff Rep 

Madeleine Jordan

To contact School Council parent and community representatives please email the school: marked attention: School Council

More information is available at

Making The Partnership Work (PDF)
Introduction to School Council: a guide for prospective members (Powerpoint)

Guide for Prospective School Council Members


2021 Sub-Committees for Aberfeldie Primary include:

·    Finance

·    Policy, Planning and Review

·    Fundraising

·    Building & Grounds


School Council Dates for 2021

School Council Dates for 2021

15th February

15th March (& AGM)

10th May

14th June

  9th August

 6th September

18th October

  8th November

  6th December



School Council President's Report

 School Council President's Report May 2019