Programs - Student Wellbeing & Engagement


Student Wellbeing & Engagement

Student Wellbeing

Aberfeldie Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of our students at all levels of their primary school life. We believe that the social, emotional and physical wellbeing is fundamental to effective learning.

Our Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy can be found in the Policy section of our website.

Aberfeldie Primary School implements the Bounce Back Resilience Program and the Department of Education Resilience Rights & Respectful Relationships resources.  The two resources complement each other and provide a variety of engaging and valuable activities for teachers to implement with all classes. 

Learning to Learn Program

At the beginning of the new school year Aberfeldie Primary School implements our Learning to Learn Program. This program runs for approximately 6-9 days across the whole school and aims to provide a safe and dynamic learning environment that engages students to achieve their personal best and become resilient, compassionate and adaptable members of our diverse community.

Using a range of tools and strategies, the Learning to Learn Program will encourage our students to become effective, reflective learners. The last session of the program invites parents into the classroom for the students to show their classroom’s focus on learning for the year.

Our aim is for our students to have a seven year experience, not seven one year experiences.


Student Pathways and Transition

At Aberfeldie Primary School, we provide a variety of transition programs for students coming into our school and for students exiting our school.

We run a ‘New Foundation’ Orientation program where beginning Foundation students come into the school for sessions with our Prep teachers and we invite parents to an information evening.

Our Year 6 students attend Orientation days at their future Secondary School; we have Secondary Schools visiting our school with their students running programs for the primary aged students.

Towards the end of the school year we hold a whole school Transition program where students ‘step up’ to the next year level for preparation for the following year.

When new students come to our school mid-way through the year we provide them with support in becoming familiar with the school to help them adjust to their new school environment, by placing them with a buddy.