Aberfeldie Primary School


ABC School Guide



Student absence notification needs to be made on the day of a student’s absence. Parents/Carers can do this by using the Compass App, calling the school or emailing the school on the day of the absence (or prior if known). This is in line with Department of Education guidelines.


School assemblies are held throughout the term on Fridays. During Terms 1, 3 and 4 they will be held on Friday afternoons but during Term 2 they will be held on Friday mornings. Notification of assemblies and other relevant information is posted on ClassDojo and Compass. Whole school assemblies provide a great opportunity for our students to share their learning and achievements. Due to social distancing restrictions, until further notice, we plan to have assemblies on the outside stages, weather permitting. 

Asthma File 

All Department of Education schools are required to have an individual asthma plan for students with asthma. This means that every child identified with asthma attending the school should have a written asthma management plan. A form will be sent home at the beginning of the year for parents to complete in consultation with their doctor.

Anaphylaxis File

All Department of Education schools are required to have an individual anaphylaxis plan for students with allergies. This means that every child identified as anaphylactic attending the school should have a written anaphylaxis management plan. A form will be sent home at the beginning of the year for parents to complete in consultation with their doctor.  


Before and After School Care Program 

Before and After School Care Program is run by Camp Australia. You can contact Camp Australia on www.campaustralia.com.au or phone 1300 105 343. It runs each school day from 7.15 – 8.45 a.m. and 3.30 – 6.00 p.m. Parents can ring the program during these times on 0402 903 093.


The bicycle shed is available for students to store their bicycles between 8:45am to 3:45pm each school day.

Book Club 

Parent helpers organise Book Club through Scholastic.  Book Club order forms are sent home once a term. Book Club orders can only be accepted on or before the due date.  Order and payments must be made online through Scholastic Book Club Loop.



The school has a camping program: Year 2: School sleep over Year 3/4: Two night camp Year 5/6: Two night camp.

Car Park

For safety reasons the car park is for staff only.  Parents and carers must not use this area for dropping off and picking up students at any time. Parking is available in Batman Street, Ramsey Street and Clifton Park. Please observe all parking signs.

Communicating with your child’s teacher

We value the opportunity to be able to discuss issues relating to your child. To ensure that there is adequate time for discussion please make an appointment.

Curriculum Evenings

Information and Curriculum Evenings provide the opportunity for parents to be informed of the content of programs offered at Aberfeldie Primary School. These evenings are an opportunity to meet with staff in a friendly, informal atmosphere. Parents are encouraged to attend 


Emergency Information Form

It is important that these forms are kept up to date. Please inform the school office immediately of any change in address, telephone numbers or emergency contact names. This information is vital in the case of illness, accident and injury. Even for short-term changes the school needs to be notified.  

Emergency Plan 

The school has an Emergency Management Plan that is used in case of an emergency. Your child will practise evacuation procedures throughout the year.

Excursions and School Activities

The school considers excursions to be an integral part of the curriculum. Information and permission forms for excursions will be sent home at the appropriate time. No child will be able to participate in an excursion until the permission form is signed and returned to school. Excursion costs are kept to a minimum.  If you wish to discuss a payment plan to meet the cost of any excursion, please contact our Business Manager.  Families who are eligible can use the CSEF (Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund) to assist with these payments. Children should wear school uniform on excursions unless advised otherwise.

Educational Psychologist

The school has access to a trained Educational Psychologist through the Department of Education Student Support Services. To access these services, please make an appointment to see the Assistant Principal. Please be aware there may be a waiting list.


Head Lice

Please inspect your child’s hair regularly. If your child has head lice please give appropriate treatment and inform the school so that the school can alert other parents of the outbreak.


Immunisation Certificate 

All children should be fully immunised prior to school entry. Immunisation certificates are available from the Health Department of your Local Council. In case of an outbreak of a particular disease, the Municipal Health Officer will be notified and those not holding certificates will not be allowed to attend school for the period recommended by the Health Department.

Infectious Diseases

During your child’s school life it is possible that common childhood diseases will be contracted. Some infectious diseases require children to be absent from school.

Junior School Council (J.S.C.)

Each class elects two representatives for the J.S.C.  Junior School Council meets regularly, under the direction of a staff member. This provides an opportunity for all students to contribute to school life.

Library Books

Children have opportunities to borrow books regularly from the Library. They should be encouraged to take the responsibility of looking after their library books and returning them on time. All children need a clearly named library bag.  

Lost Property 

If your child has lost property, please check the Lost Property Box located in the Administration Building. At the end of each term all lost property is displayed for identification. Any unclaimed items are then distributed to charity. Please label all items of clothing and other possessions (eg. lunch boxes) clearly with your child’s name.


Children are supervised while eating their lunch. Lunches should not include anything in glass bottles etc.


Medical Identification Form 

This form is required for those children who have specific health/ medical conditions such as allergies, reactions to bee stings, epilepsy and diabetes etc.


When children need to take medication at school a Medication Authority Form needs to be sent to the office stipulating the type of medication, dosage and the time of administration. All medication needs to be clearly labelled and given to the office at the beginning of the day.

Please make sure that any long-term medication is on the Student Information Form. Children should not have medication in their possession because of the risk of other children using it or being misused.


Parents will be notified of requests for money for excursions or incursions (activities held at school). Parents can pay via QKR (App), BPay, Credit card (EFT) or cash.  If playing with cash, please put the money and the permission note in an envelope and clearly mark it. Where possible please send correct amounts.  



From Term 1 2016 our School Newsletter will be produced fortnightly. The newsletter will be available on our Skoolbag app and from our School Website with hard copies available from the office for those who require a paper copy.

Office Hours 

Office Hours are 8:30am to 4pm each school day.

Parent Participation

We recognise and value the importance of the home/school partnership and the role parents can play in their children’s education. Parents can be involved in many different ways depending on their interests, skills and time commitment. These include:

Monitoring- monitoring progress of your child/children e.g. Parent/Teacher Interviews

Spectator- attend special days/events/excursions to watch and help

Organiser- help organise special events or activities e.g. Book Club, help as a fundraiser 

Instructor- share skills e.g. sports coach, library, sewing

Learner- acquire skills by attending education programs offered

Decision maker-School Council member, School Council Sub-Committee member, Fund Raising Committee member

Classroom Helper- Classroom Helpers are an integral part of the Early Years Program. Courses designed to support the work of parents, helpers and aides who assist in classrooms are offered by the school. The focus is on literacy and numeracy learning in the classroom context.


Children are expected to be at school on time. The morning session commences promptly at 9.00 a.m. Children arriving late at school are at a disadvantage because the beginning of each lesson frames the rest of the learning. All late students are required to obtain a late pass from the office. Parents are expected to accompany students to the office.



Reporting To Parents – Parent Teacher Interviews 

Victorian Government Schools are required to have two face to face reporting to parents and two written reports for their child. Parents are notified through the school Newsletter of dates for these sessions. At any other time during the year, a parent or teacher may initiate an interview regarding a child’s progress by making an appointment. 

School Crossings 

The school crossings on Fawkner and Batman Streets are supervised before and after school from 8:15 am – 9:15 am (Batman St.) 8:15 am – 9:00 am (Fawkner St.) and 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Please set a good example by using the crossing when the flags are displayed. 

School Council 

The School Council meets at least twice a term and consists of elected parents, staff and co-opted people from the wider community. Council elections are held in March and are announced at the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) Parents are advised in writing of the A.G.M. and elections. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the School Council President or the Office. Visitors are welcome at meetings.

School Levies

Education is a partnership between parents and schools. Although we endeavour to keep costs to parents to a minimum we do need your financial support to ensure that we are able to provide sufficient resources and high quality facilities to support your child’s learning.

School Policies 

School policies clearly state our intended direction. Policies cover curriculum and other areas such as finance and welfare. Copies of all school policies are kept in the office and on our website and are available for parents at anytime. Committees, which include parents and staff, regularly review these policies. As each policy is reviewed, or when new policies are written parents are informed through the Newsletter.

Sick/Injured Children  

First aid is dealt with at the school by Level 2 qualified First Aid staff. If there is a serious accident or illness every attempt will be made to contact parents immediately. If parents and/or emergency contacts are unable to be contacted, appropriate medical attention will be sought. Parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Parents should take time to inform the Assistant Principal and class teacher about individual medical problems. 

Sick children who are unwell should be kept at home.

Speech Therapy

The school has access to a speech pathologist. If you have a concern about your child’s speech or language development please see your child’s teacher or the Assistant Principal regarding a referral.  

Sun Smart 

We are a “Sunsmart” school and have a “NO HAT, NO PLAY” policy. Children are required to wear a navy blue wide brim school hat for all outside activities. If children forget their hats, they must sit in the shade under staff supervision from 1st September to the 30th April. N.B. Navy Broad brimmed school hats (with brim close to 7 cm) and legionnaire hats are the only accepted Sun Smart hats.  


Children are supervised in the school ground between the hours of 8:45 am and 3:45 pm. Do not drop your child at school before 8:45 am. Please meet your child in a designated area of the playground after school (a place you have both agreed on). If children are not collected by 3:45 pm they are sent to the office for supervision until 4:00 pm. 

Student Support Group Meetings

Home School Support Group meetings are convened for students who are deemed to require additional assistance in school programs. Parents will be informed of meetings by letter. These are designed to support students at risk as well as those identified as gifted or with high learning potential.

Student Welfare

All government schools have a Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy. The objective of the policy is to support our school to create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive school environment consistent with our school’s values. The school is committed to the Bounce Back resilience program which supports students to achieve to the best of their ability and experience positive social-emotional well-being in school, work and the world of tomorrow.


Taking Children Out Of The School

For your child’s safety, Parents or caregivers must go to the office before collecting children from the classroom. Parents are required to sign an Early Leave Pass, which is available from the office. This form must be presented to the classroom teacher before the child will be allowed to leave. Children will only be released to an authorised adult, that is; the adult whose name appears on the Student’s Emergency Information Form or on presentation of a letter of authority with the parent’s signature and contact telephone number for office staff to confirm.


The school has a number of second hand uniform items. These can be viewed in the Office building on Fridays from 3:20-3:45pm.

Noone Imagewear services the Essendon and Niddrie districts and stocks a wide range of school uniforms for both male and female students at Aberfeldie Primary School. 

Click here for Uniform Price List 2020-2021 
Click here for link to Noone Imagewear Online Shopping

We encourage all students to wear the school uniform. There are a range of options available. Uniforms, hats and bags can be purchased from Noones Imagewear in Keilor Road. Some of the more generic items can be purchased at other stores. Please clearly label all clothing and property. A Uniform Policy can be found on our website.



In the interest of security and safety, all visitors to the school (eg. parents, tradesmen and business people) who will be in the school for a period of time must report to the office to obtain a security pass with photo identification. This includes parents helping in the classroom or canteen, or attending a meeting etc.



On wet days and exceptionally hot days children are supervised at all recess breaks in their classrooms according to our Adverse Weather Timetable. Please note that all classrooms have heating and air conditioning.  

Working with Children Check

All people working with students at APS require a Working with Children Check. Forms can be collected from the post office. These must be shown at the office where a copy is taken. This is a legal requirement for all schools.